About Us




Advancement in technology and business flexibility is giving workers more liberty than ever before to work remotely enabling companies to be more productive and efficient. Cowork is the business platform where professionals from Pakistan can list or book space for business use and an exceptional resource for work space owners to list their property and earn income on excess space. Our network is not only of spaces, but of people, resources and expertise from all kinds of industries.


We are the pro’s choice for booking spaces for work or meeting from as little as an hour to a full year or more. Now you don’t have to go to great lengths to find suitable workspace and pay high prices because Cowork enable business users in the global community to book meeting rooms, boardrooms, desks and offices spaces online without any hassle in way your budget suits you.


We help individuals, entrepreneurs and business to grow together as we believe that collaboration increase productivity and offer more opportunities eventually building engaging communities, and benefits for all.




To bring together engaging communities and high-achieving professionals that allow businesses to connect and grow.





Our belief in “Better Together” has enabled us to bring together collaborative communities and work spaces where you can accelerate your business. As a Pakistani startup; we understand the unique needs of our members. We’re still growing and want to help you do the same by providing you access to a diverse network of professionals from same or different fields.


Become part of our online community and get yourself surrounded by potential partners, clients and mentors. Members of Cowork are best professionals full of ideas that can help your business grow. You can easily outsource great talents to help you with specific projects or time sensitive tasks.





Cowork helps you find shared offices that best suit your needs with the added perk of being surrounded by goal oriented, high-achieving professionals. There’s no networking quite like the organic conversations that happen when companies work in shared space. CoWork offer an opportunity to network with huge business owners, edge thinkers, start-ups, professional freelancers and other entrepreneurs with just few clicks!




Cowork offer freelancers and individual entrepreneurs a chance to work in a fully equipped offices without worrying about the costs of setting up an actual office or hassle of going to great lengths to find suitable workspace by providing online access to amazing co-working communities of high-achieving professionals. Find offices through some simple clicks; book instantly with us and control your bookings the way your budget suits you.




With Cowork it is extremely easy to scale up space or shift to a greater space as you grow your business. We provide you liberty to tailor your contract to suit a one-person business, a team of two, or a company. We offer functionality and flexibility that you won’t see in a typical contracts or another co-working websites. Just add more desk space as you take on new staff; it’s that easy with us.




All the workspaces listed on Cowork are fully furnished with added benefits of facilities that help you carry out your daily business activities with ease and efficiency leading to high productivity and business growth. These amenities include blazing fast internet and Wi-Fi, business class printers, scanners, onsite staff refreshment and many more.




Cowork not only provide you to access best co-working spaces but to a community of professionals and expertise from all kind of industries. We provide you an opportunity to elevate your business to a new level by engaging with collective skills and wisdom of Cowork community that we have bought on your fingertips.




Become member of Cowork and get countless benefits without signup charges and membership fee. List your free space or book a space to get connected with other professionals, potential clients and investors online and in person.