How to Survive After Leaving an Incubator

How to survive after leaving an incubator

Incubators become safe places for new startups and leaving them can be challenging, and even daunting. Yet it’s a step that most, if not every startup, has to consider within their journey in order to make the next step forward and prosper.

Incubators form the nests where startups take flight. Within these safe places, advisory and administration services are provided, support is constantly given, and all is done to ensure that this startup can survive once it is on its own. However, a time comes when startups must take the step forward and venture out into the business world themselves.

While a harsh truth, it is one that is undeniably staunch that leaving an incubator comes with an onslaught of problems. The safety bubble, resources, advice, and constant monitoring is suddenly taken away. This is also the point where the future of most startups in determined. Will they be able to survive this new environment? Or will they crumble in the face of incoming difficulties.

The First Step Out into The Real World

This is where co-working spaces come in. Leaving incubators can be a highly difficult procedure for most businesses. Such businesses are not used to being completely on their own. As startups start growing, it is a time of high anxiety and stress where problems come hurtling from every angle. You never know what kind of unexpected obstacle you might have to face. At a coworking space, startups will constantly be surrounded by other businesses. Hence, after leaving the hustle and bustle of an incubator they won’t immediately be immersed in a lonely environment. Working within a coworking space will allow you to work alongside other entrepreneurs. This will provide the ability to gain insight from them, seek assistance, and gain experience by helping others. Sharing working space allows the sharing of resources, expertise, and opinions. Overall it creates a more encouraging and motivating environment to boost your morale.


Coworking spaces are equipped with resources and tools. A vast array of desks, tables and chairs, high-speed internet, and meeting rooms, etc., all form the perfect working space environment. Moreover, they save a newly formulated startup from the hassle of setting up all of these necessities up on their own. All resources and facilities are provided under one roof. This is not only convenient but more feasible financially. Such coworking spaces also have multiple options for memberships. Coworking spaces can be rented for days, weeks or months with all their perks and facilities.


Coworking spaces also provide ample opportunity for networking. Who knows, you could find your next potential client within the same coworking space! Their feedback can also lead to suggestions and improvements. They also allow for strong business relations to develop. Your coworkers may be experiencing problems that you can fix and vice versa. This might also lead to more business ideas, as you struggle to solve each other’s problems! Entrepreneurs within the same coworking space may not only become long term friends but future business partners. Your business will have marketing support, technological support and there will always be plenty of room to learn from various areas.