Why Freelancers Should Prefer Co-working Spaces

Why Freelancers Should Prefer Co-working Spaces

The Punjab IT Board chairman has quoted Pakistan as having an estimated amount of 150,000 freelancers. According to Freelancer.com, the world’s leading freelancing website, Pakistan occupies the third ranking for its highest number of users. It is quite evident from such statistics, that freelancing has certainly gained momentum in Pakistan and continues to do so. However, who are all these freelancers come from? And more importantly where do they settle down to work?

Freelancers are commonly defined as people who are self-employed, or not “necessarily committed” to one employer for a long term. They work from the comfort of their homes or set themselves up in coffee houses or restaurants. They tend to change their place of work time to time. Although freelancing as an occupation is defined by its distinction from a normal office job, however, to make your office space the exact place which you also always confine to leisure and relaxing, is questionable. Similarly, many freelancers set up office at coffee houses or cafes. While they may provide a change of scenery, the hustle and bustle can often be distracting and may not be the best for productivity.

Freelancing, like all other jobs and occupations, requires a constructive working space, and this can effectively be provided by co-.working space

Co- offer a distraction free environment

One problem freelancers are constantly faced by is the overwhelming presence of distractions. Sure, they don’t follow strict schedules or employments, however this does not mean that their work should be hindered by distractions. ing spaces are primarily built and designed for work. Productivity levels and efficiency will sure be enhanced if freelancers turn to co-.

No Isolation

Since freelancers often work independently, they are often constrained to isolated environments. Co- will provide an environment with more people as dedicated to their work as you are. This will be a great motivation booster and certainly add to the quality and effectiveness of your work.

Socializing and Networking

A healthy amount of socializing is indeed necessary to keep one’s morale up and ensure you are not over worked. Co- while providing constructive will also be an opportunity to make friends and get to know others like you. Working will not be as lonely. Small breaks where you can catch a cup of tea with a er can not only help lift your spirits but also may lead way to inspiration. Networking also becomes easier within a co-working space. Multiple people working under the same roof offer all kinds of different resources and skills. These can be very helpful in branching out your own knowledge and finding greater and more opportunities.

A Professional Environment

A co-working space also offers a professional environment. Not only are you surrounded by professionals but also have professional resources at hand. An office space and board rooms where you could have meetings with prospective employers and clients. Moreover, it solidifies your career as it gives you a substantial amount of professionalism. You will not be taken lightly in the business world when exhibit professionalism and make sure you are taken seriously.

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